STRESSRX is made of Adaptogens. Adaptogens empower your body to return to physiological REST, promoting your  resilience to stress. 100% natural rest.
STRESSRX is 100% Natural.  Two bottles, same formula. Our BLACK LABEL edition was designed to honor Veterans & Protectors.
STRESSRX BENEFIT: "When I take StressRX, I am able to handle the overwhelming schedule of being a working mom. StressRX helps me get everyone where they need to be with joy instead of anxiety."
STRESSRX Benefit: "The stress levels that came from being a Sergeant in the Marine Corps, and now an extreme athlete and entrepreneur, has lead to anxiety and sleepless nights. After taking StressRX, I started sleeping...really sleeping..deep restorative
STRESSRX Benefit: "I was finally able to walk through a difficult season of my life without feeling like I had a heavy weight on my chest." -Emily

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