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Why Adaptogens?

Nature's Answer to Excess Stress

Under stress, the body creates a surplus of the stress hormone, Cortisol, to activate the fight-or-flight response. This process makes it possible for you to effectively handle both real and perceived threats to your well-being. This keeps us safe and out of danger physically, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually. But what happens if there's too much stress on the body at once (trauma) or too much prolonged stress (chronic)?

This is where God has provided the most natural and perfect solution – a unique type of plants and mushrooms that have the unique ability to not only help balance cortisol levels, but also help the human body create resilience to stress over time. These botanicals are known around the globe as "adaptogens."

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Stress and Adaptogens

It Starts With You

An astonishing 77% of individuals report that stress impacts their physical health, a silent epidemic that we carry into our homes every day. At Revvl Health, we've made it our mission to help men and women confront stress and its related symptoms proactively through nature's adaptogens. By managing stress effectively with natural, plant-based supplements, we're not just rejuvenating our own lives; but we're beginning a legacy of health that will last for generations to come. In a world where majority of adults regularly encounter stress that affects their physical, mental, and spiritual health, adaptogens stand out as nature's answer to modern pressures. These powerful botanicals, central to Revvl Health's formulations, are specially selected for their ability to help the body adapt to stress and rebalance naturally.

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