Supercharged Immunity

StressRX® on Dec 13th 2019

Hey there—we’re StressRX, a company on a mission to help people be healthy in the face of life’s stress. Learn more about StressRX® here, and how we formulated a natural, non-habit forming blend to promote your body’s own resiliency.

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. For the most part, spirits are high, but for many, it can also be ridiculously stressful, and rightly so!

Stressors of the Season

During this season the chance of emotional stressors making an appearance is likely. For many there’s added financial pressure of the season or maybe relationship dynamics at holiday parties.

How about chemical stressors? We are never going to tell you to live in a bubble doing yoga on the hour and drinking only kale smoothies. We’re about being resilient in the face of life’s realities, not living perfectly. That being said, this time of year there is something that often gets a little out of control, and that’s sugar consumption. It’s most “sweetest” time of yearrrrrrrr. Starting with Halloween candy, working through to Thanksgiving pies and ending with Christmas and New Years spreads, sugar consumption increases drastically for most, and this is a lot for the body to process.

In addition to these two types of stress, cold weather, or weather changes in general, is added physical stress on the body. Unless you live in sunny San Diego, you’ve likely experienced some sort of weather change by now. If you live in a cold climate, shivering is a factor. This brings about a lot of physical tension in the body.

Is it a coincidence that “Cold and Flu” season coincides?

When a body is exposed to all of this extra seasonal stress, it provides a perfect breeding ground for colds and flus. We know that a body is most resilient to all disease when in a state of rest (or “homeostasis” if you’re feeling sciency today) rather than stress.

Throughout the years of your life your body’s immune system has gotten stronger and stronger with every bug, bacteria and virus it’s encountered and successfully fought. Your body’s innate intelligence allows for something called cellular “memory”, basically meaning your body has a stored library of “game plans” on how to quickly fight off that which it has previously encountered. Sometimes without you even knowing it fought. Your body is truly brilliant, so when we talk about supercharging your immunity, it’s all about allowing your body to do it’s thing.

So here’s our humble suggestions on staying resilient in this season.

StressRX’s Supercharged Immunity Kit

1 Attitude

Practice staying hopeful, and be intentional about fostering peace. Science proves that hopeful thoughts promote a state of physiological rest. We understand that staying hopeful can be easier said than done. We’re coming alongside you today, and challenging you to dig deep, and practice finding your inner hope and peace. If we may, we find that reading scripture verses is one of the best ways to promote thoughts of hope and peace.


2 Action

Get moving!!! You don’t have to do an olympic level workout, just simply move your body in some way. Go for a walk, do 20 jumping jacks while waiting for your coffee to brew, run on the spot. Through something called “proprioception,” movement is also proven to promote physiological rest. A cool way to help promote action at the joint level, is through chiropractic adjustments. We strongly recommend getting adjusted to stay resilient, especially during this season!


3 Adaptogens

Hey, hey! Here’s where we come in. Adaptogens restore rest despite stress. Adaptogens specifically work through the body’s HPA axis. We have testimonies flooding in of people getting through the fall/winter months 100% healthy after starting StressRX®. We’re here to help promote your body’s own resiliency through 100% natural adaptogens.


4 Heat

If your nose is cold to the touch, you know you need to warm up. The reason bugs don’t travel as far in the summertime, and not as many people get sick, is because heat kills bugs. Think of a sanitizing steam mop….or even the steam of a dishwasher. Bringing it back to the body, think of a fever. The reason your body heats up is to help kill the invader. So, in the wintertime, we recommend staying warm to the best of your ability. Have hot showers, wear socks, and wear proper outerwear. There are so many ways to keep warm!

Also, just a practical tip: take the shiver in your core (abs) instead of allowing your shoulders to creep up towards your ears to prevent neck/shoulder tension!

Dr. Julia

5 Water

Increase water consumption to help flush out toxins. Hydration is key for healthy cells - including immune fighter cells!


6 Sugar

Again, we’re not asking you to be perfect, but try to be conscious of just how many sweets you are consuming! Crazy fact - an 8 oz soft drink shuts your immune system down for 4 hours. That’s 4 hours where your body is susceptible to’s not worth it!!


7 Sleep

Make sleep a priority during this season. Your immune system loves rest, and again, you are most resilient to all disease when in a state of rest! Practical tip - every hour of sleep you get before midnight is the equivalent of two hours after midnight. Bump up bed time!


Alright, you’re all set. Our hope is for you to have your most resilient winter yet!

Super Charge your immunity with these 7 tips.  1. Attitude. 2. Action. 3. Adaptogens 4. Heat 5. Water 6. Limit Sugar. 7. Sleep