DR. PETE SULACK is a son, husband, and father who knows living with stress is not living at all. Over the years, he’s seen it firsthand with over one million patient visits to his office. If you’re stressed, you are the reason Dr. Pete helped create StressRX®.

Learning to manage stress is the secret to a vibrant life. Stress is unavoidable, but by adding healthful habits and subtracting toxic ones, I have been able to return my body to its natural state. The ability to adapt to and recover from stress is the secret to a happier, healthier life!
— Dr. Pete Sulack, Founder 

Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, Dr. Pete is the majority owner and founder of one of North America’s largest health and wellness clinics. Dr. Pete actively treats patients traveling from around the world who seek his services.

Before StressRX®, Dr. Pete founded Unhealthy Anonymous, a 12-step program to help control the side effects of stress. His groundbreaking and revolutionary paradigm on stress, coupled with testimonials from patients and attention in natural health communities have garnered him the title of “America’s Leading Stress Expert®.”  He is a highly sought-after teacher, lecturer, and author.

What Others Are Saying About Dr. Pete?

“Dr. Pete Sulack’s study on STRESS is a powerful message. The correlation between stress and disease is truly groundbreaking. By learning and utilizing these principles on a daily basis, you will experience revolutionary results, as your body’s natural ability to adapt to and recover from stress is activated.”

Jordan Rubin, New York Times Bestselling author. Founder, Garden of Life, Beyond Organic and Get Real Nutrition.

“I’m ready to be healthy!  My doctor told me I have a tumor on my adrenal glands. Dr. Pete has given me hope and put me on the right track! Thank you!”

— Michael F

Dr. Pete Sulack | America's Leading Stress Expert™

Dr. Pete has been featured in the media for his natural stress relief methods. See where he and StressRX® have been mentioned world-wide.


STRESSIDEMIC™ by Dr. Pete Sulack

Why Now? Why This?

We are at the tipping point of an epidemic of stress (stressidemic™) in America that is presenting itself in modern disease conditions like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, dementia, obesity, infertility, depression and anxiety, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, high blood pressure, migraines, and nervous system disorders. Millions of Americans are uninformed and misinformed about the true culprit behind their conditions: HPA Axis Dysfunction. So, while we concentrate on pharmaceutical cures, and argue over the finer points of Universal Health Care, millions are losing their lives. Not dying…just losing any semblance of the lives they worked so hard achieve.

This book exposes the real culprit behind all modern disease processes and lays out the solution for creating more personal resilience. As readers review the scientific data and real-life anecdotal stories about how HPA Axis Dysfunction (AKA “stress”) is causing horrific symptoms and chronic illnesses, they will become convinced that the information contained herein will heal their bodies and free their minds. This book empowers readers to take their healthcare into their own hands. It gives them the chance to be victors instead of victims.

Coming in 2018.