How Do They Work?
Adaptogens Are Like a Thermostat

Adaptogens are like a thermostat. Thermostats respond to the temperature of the room and bring it down if the temperature is too high: if the temperature is too low it will bring the temperature back up.

Adaptogens work the same way, they can calm you down or pick you up. Whatever your body needs to deal more effectively with the stresses of life and the environment it is in. Adaptogens help support proper adrenal function, they are excellent for counteracting the adverse effects of stress.

In fact, adaptogenic herbs enable the cells of your body to access more energy; eliminate toxins and utilize oxygen more efficiently. In short, adaptogens are an essential part of a happy & healthy life!

The adaptogenic herbs found in Stress*RX™ have been used for thousands of years to treat stress-related conditions.