CALM™ Bar - Single

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Dark Chocolate Berry Crunch

Keeping one’s cool in the face of life’s stressors is something we all desire. Whether it’s dealing with unruly kids, traffic, or a bad working environ- ment. Maintaining a calm and clear mind is critical to a better life. This is why the CALM bar was created. Simply put, it improves focus and emotional energy while reducing the cortisol levels. From the boardroom to the bedroom it helps us fight anxiety and restlessness.

All of the above is happening because of the power of adaptogens. Studies support that Ashwagandha can reduce cortisol levels and improve many stress-related symptoms. It can boost immune function, muscle strength, serum and brain testosterone levels. Rhodiola turns on an enzyme, allowing your body to access and utilize the fat stored in abdominal cells. This supports the reversing of the trend of gaining belly fat that can happen when cortisol levels are high. It can also relieve depression and increase bioelectrical activity in the brain which improves memory.

CALM bars are nutrient dense. They support the fight against inflammation. Everyone needs resiliency to face life’s stressors! Because these powerful nutrients can help lower cortisol levels, they turn back the clock, dial back the scale, and boost your natural energy. The best part? They taste great too! Try the CALM bar and you’ll see you can eat for power and pleasure. Better food really means a better life.


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